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What Really Causes Hangovers According to Intox-Detox CEO Andy Bennett

What Really Causes the Hangover?

Ah memories... We had such a good time spreading the Intox-Detox gospel at the Talladega Geico 500. That was a while back now, but we took this opportunity to comically point out a very serious issue...

Almost no one TRULY understands what causes hangovers. We do because I spent about 10 years researching the problem. 

To paraphrase Einstein, if you had an hour to solve a complex problem, you should spend 55 minutes figuring out what is the right question to ask. And the last 5 minutes answering that question to solve the problem.

I am no genius, so it took me a long time. However, what we came up with was pretty magical. Don't take my word for it...

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