What is Japanese Raisin Extract, Hovenia Dulcis, HD-1

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What is Japanese Raisin Extract, Hovenia Dulcis, HD-1

What is Japanese Raisin Extract?

Things you didn't know about the #1 magical ingredient in Intox-Detox - Japanese Raisin Extract, also known as Hovenia dulcis...
  • Not a raisin, not Japanese
  • Most popular "hangover cure" in South Korea
  • Ancient liver tonic and hangover remedy from the Eastern world, recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Natural source of DHM - Dihydromyricetin is a flavanol found in numerous plants, similar to quercetin
  • Safe, natural and FDA-compliant - ODI (old dietary ingredient)
  • Products on the market using pure DHM (and not Japanese Raisin) are NOT FDA-compliant. Not because they are dangerous, but because the substance is NDI (new dietary ingredients). They also do NOT contain all the other benefits of the Japanese Raisin plant (see below)
  • Korean FDA compliant claims - liver protection from alcohol damage, improvement of exercise capacity and relief of fatigue caused by stress
  • Super food that tastes lightly sweet, cinnamon-like and is actually quite delicious
  • HD-1 Extract contains a synergistic variety of biologically active compounds (antioxidants, flavonoids) including saponin derivatives, dammarane-type triterpene saponins, hodulosides I - V and flavonoids hovenodulinol ,hovenitin I, dihydromyricetin, -catechin, (+)-afzelechin and quercetin
Intox-Detox contains a dose of this extract that is unmatched in quality and quantity in the marketplace

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